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Effective August 3, 2000, all business units of the DynAir Group operating across the United States will adopt the Swissport identity. The name change comes 12 months, almost to the day, after the world’s number-one ground handler acquired the group. Zürich-Airport and Washington, D.C., July 31, 2000 – The DynAir Group, a leading independent ground handling services provider with an extensive presence at major US hubs, was acquired by Swissport International Ltd. in July 1999. With this acquisition and subsequent mergers, Swissport advanced to become the world’s largest ground handler both in terms of stations served and revenues generated. The boards of DynAir and Swissport recently agreed to rename all DynAir operations effective August 3, 2000, to reflect this year-old change of ownership. Swissport’s President and CEO Joseph In Albon: "We are pursuing a global branding strategy because we want to emphasize the fact that Swissport offers its customers a unified service quality standard around the world. This is an important portfolio-building factor, and greater visibility for the Swissport name underscores our pledge to offer superior service.” DynAir, which had already introduced Total Quality Management in the late 1980s, was a perfect match for Swissport, and accordingly, the corporate cultures of both companies dovetailed smoothly as well. Erich Bodenmann, who was recently appointed CEO of Swissport’s operations in the USA, said: "DynAir has always had a passion for change based on innovation, so the name change comes naturally. It expresses the fact that we embrace Swissport’s commitment to excellence and at the same time, the new identity instills a sense of pride: we are now visibly a key part of the top industry player’s global network.” For more information, contact: Stephan Beerli EVP Marketing & Sales Swissport International Ltd. Tel: +41 1 812 4950 ste[more]


Swissport was awarded by British Airways in recognition of their contribution in achieving 50 on time departures in Capetwon. Another segnificant step in order to meet professional quality standards for all Swissport customers. Have a try an get in touch with the Swissport crew in Capetown to convince yourself about the outstanding services they are providing.[more]


Swissport Frankfurt has become the 20th Station to receive the ISO 9002 Certificate. The Certification Audit passed successfully June 15, 2000[more]


Airports Company South Africa conferred the award for the best airport handling company concerning safety and discipline to Swissport South Africa. Assessed by ACSA was any company operating on the ramp, catering, handling, cleaning etc. Another important step to show that Swissport is actively present and wants to go "the extra mile" to make sure that Ground Handling in South Africa gets even more professional.[more]


Zurich, June 14, 2000 - The continuous expansion of business opportunities in Africa, South America and the Caribbean represents the main emphasis of Swissport International Ltd.’s forward-looking strategy. Swissport aims to consolidate its position as the world’s leading ground handling company. Setting a new trend, Swissport has been active in the e-business field since June 1, offering customers an attractive 24-hour Internet service. Swissport International, the SAirGroup’s ground handling subsidiary recently was awarded a concession as the sole ground handler at the international airport in Tanzania. As a result of the ongoing privatisation of airports in Tanzania, Swissport also acquired a majority stake in the Dar es Salaam Airport Handling Company Ltd. (DAHACO), allowing Swissport to offer its services at both Dar es Salaam International Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport. Tanzania marks the third African location for Swissport. New stations in South America… On June 1 of this year Swissport Brasil commenced activities at the airport in Viracopos, Brazil. Viracopos is Swissport’s ninth Brazilian airport. In Argentina Swissport has created a joint venture with Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. Swissport Argentina S.A. will begin operations on August 1, 2000 by offering services at Buenos Aires Airport. Plans call for handling activities at other Argentinean airports. … and in Central America and the Caribbean As part of the plan for the privatisation of the four largest airports in Honduras (Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Roatan and La Ceiba), Serlipsa-Swissport, the Peruvian Swissport subsidiary, has joined forces with San Francisco Airport to form a consortium that was granted a concession for ground handling activities at these airports. Together with local joint venture partners Swissport has also acquired[more]


Dutchport, a Swissport Partner company operating at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was able to contract Air France as from August 1. Air France operates 50 flights a week, mainly operated by B737 and A320/A319. This move represents an important boost to Dutchport operations. LOT contracts Air Littoral Assistance in Lyon and Nice Lot, the Polish national carrier has joined the list of customers in Lyon and Nice. Lyon is served twice weekly, where of Nice is served 4 times a week.[more]


Dubai, May 8, 2000 – Expanding its business in Saudi Arabia and through the entire Middle East is merely one hallmark of Swissport International Limited’s global strategy. The cooperation with Makshaff Services Ltd. (Saudi Arabia) closed another hole in Swissport’s increasingly expansive geographic portfolio. And to ensure that Swissport is available at any and all hours, the company is launching EASYcontact, an attractive e-business tool. Swissport International Ltd. and the Saudi-based Makshaff Services Ltd. have agreed on a close level of cooperation. Effective immediately, Makshaff’s subsidiary National Flight Service (NFS), a ground handling company active at Jeddah Airport, is now included in Swissport’s worldwide ground handling network. The new General Manager of NFS, Werner Krummenacher, is the former Swissair District Manager in Greece. NFS, which was founded three years ago, wants to accelerate its engagement in the global ground handling business. This was the reason they chose to work together with Swissport. Another factor in the choice of Swissport was the company’s high quality and successful expansion strategy. Today, NFS counts among its customers such renowned airlines as Singapore Airlines and KLM. Promising discussions are currently underway with other potential airlines. NFS offers customers full ground handling services and achieved operating revenue in 1999 of some 4 million Saudi rials. NFS employs 200 staff. NFS represents Swissports station/location number 115. Werner Krummenacher of NFS Jeddah can be reached as follows: Phone: +966 2 685 0554, fax +966 2 685 3118, mobile +966 55 355 016 Get immediate quotes with EASYcontact Always a trend-setter, Swissport is now active in e-business. Beginning June 1st, 2000 Swissport will become the first ground handling provider in the world to have a semi-automatic request-for-proposal quoting system available via Internet. The initial release will allow [more]


Swissport received the confirmation from the board of the New Athens Airport that we have obtained the license for the Ramp and Cargo Handling at the new Athens International Airport Spata. The planned start of the operation is March 1st, 2001. And we will shortly be able to provide Passenger Service at Heraklion and full service at Athens Hellinikon.[more]


Swissport received the confirmation from the board of the New Athens Airport that we have obtained the license for the Ramp and Cargo Handling at the new Athens International Airport Spata. The planned start of the operation is April 1st, 2001. And we will shortly be able to provide Passenger Service at Heraklion and full service at Athens Hellinikon.[more]


Still on a course of aggressive expansion, No. 1 ground handler Swissport International Ltd. recently announced the launch of a value-enhancement program called PLUS10. Erich Brandenberger has some details from Zürich. Its acquisition of DynAir in September 1999 propelled Swissport International Ltd., the ground handling arm of the SAirGroup, to the topmost rank in the industry, adding 50 airports throughout the USA to its portfolio in one fell swoop. With a still growing network of stations extending from Anchorage to Ankara, Madrid to Manila, and São Paolo to San Juan, Swissport is not only the biggest, but quite likely the culturally most diverse handler in the world. It stands to reason that some kind of unité de doctrine is needed to homogenize Swissport’s crucible of mentalities, not least in view of global ISO certification. Joseph In Albon, President and CEO of Swissport, commented: "It goes without saying that we are intent on delivering the same quality of service at each and every station. It takes quite a bit of evangelism to make that vision come true, but we’re fully on target.” The targets are described in a motivation-building booklet the size of an airline ticket that was distributed to the supervisors of Swissport’s 15,000 employees in December last year. It introduces the company’s ambitious PLUS10 program, a lineup of ten value-adding components that will be consecutively grafted onto Swissport’s current product/service mix to strengthen customer loyalty and drum up new business. One of the components, christened GroundSpeed, is a pledge by Swissport to make up for operational delays and get the customer airline’s equipment back in the air faster rather than just adding the allotted groundtime to the actual time of arrival. "Going by the book is legitimate,” says In Albon, "but it propagates the delay. Conversely, gains on groundtime tran[more]