Press Statement: Situation at Gatwick

Swissport can confirm that baggage handling services to its client airlines during the period to 7am this morning was good and within its targets. There were no appreciable delays to Swissport customer airlines outbound or inbound at London Gatwick. Swissport can only reiterate that it has robust systems in place during the forthcoming weekend and will remain in place throughout the peak summer period. We have contingency plans to manage any off schedule airline activity. The suggestion that any issues are or have been caused by zero hour contracts is untrue and has no basis in fact. Swissport continues to improve its service to its airline customers and the travelling public.


Press statement about situation at Gatwick Airport

Swissport has apologized for the performance issues at London Gatwick during the period Saturday late evening to early Sunday morning. As previously advised this was due in the main to a high level of off schedule flights that we were unable to accommodate. Since that period and during the electrical storms that hit South East England, service levels to our partner airlines have been good and within the agreed levels. We are not aware of any issues that may impact our ability to continue to deliver the improved levels of service this coming weekend. In order to accommodate the expected higher level of movements this weekend Swissport has continued its policy to increase staff coverage on very busy shifts during the weekend. Swissport has taken steps to boost the number of staff available to cover any off schedule arrivals by increasing its ramp teams by over 40 staff. The summer peak season continues to put pressure on all baggage handling companies. Swissport is disappointed that we have failed to achieve our expected standards of service delivery during this peak period. We will do everything possible to ensure the travelling public are not inconvenienced and we remain committed to work with our partner airlines and London Gatwick Airport to provide a quality service.


Swissport completes acquisition of Servisair

Swissport announced that the acquisition of Servisair from Derichebourg group has been completed today. On 2nd August Swissport announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Servisair. Financial terms were not disclosed. All required regulatory approvals were obtained before closing.

With the closing, Swissport, owned by PAI Partners, now employs more than 55,000 personnel, and the company's network exceeds 255 stations in 44 countries. Swissport’s expanded and comprehensive service offering will compliment more than 700 customers, which equates to more than 3.9 Mio flights and 224 Mio passengers served per annum. An estimated 4 Mio tons of cargo are moved and 120 warehouses are operated worldwide throughout the combined network.

"The acquisition is an essential part of Swissport's growth strategy. Our customers will benefit from the enlarged global network, the increased portfolio of value-added services, the combined operational excellence and the consistent service quality worldwide”, said Per H. Utnegaard, Group President and CEO of Swissport International. “We are very much looking forward to welcoming the employees from Servisair and to combine the strengths of Servisair and Swissport.”

The integration of Servisair into Swissport will start beginning of January 2014 with a completion expected within 2014.

Swissport is the world's largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry. The company provides ground services on behalf of some 700 client-companies and handles around 224 million passengers and 3.9 million flights per year. The company operates 120 warehouses and moves approx. 4.0 million tonnes of cargo. With a workforce of around 55,000 personnel, Swissport is active at more than 255 stations in 44 countries across five continents, and generates annual consolidated operating revenue of CHF 3 billion.

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