Agreement reached between Swissport and SWISS on future passenger handling at Zurich, Basel and Geneva airports

Swiss will refrain from developing its own passenger services in Zurich, Basel and Geneva until further notice.

Swissport and SWISS to continue their passenger handling collaboration

The intensive negotiations on the development of SWISS's own passenger handling service in Switzerland, which have been continuing for some months now, have produced a positive interim result that satisfies the needs and concerns of all the parties involved. Under the accord, SWISS will refrain from developing its own passenger services organisation at Zurich, Basel and Geneva, and will continue to use the services of Swissport until further notice.

With that decision, the partners' future collaboration will now be developed on a wholly new foundation. Swissport and SWISS have also agreed to hold further discussions on possible process enhancements, potential synergies and interface issues at a later date. SWISS still aims to ensure that the services involving direct customer contact are provided as effectively as possible (especially for its top customers), and still wishes to be more directly involved in the provision of such services at these vital contact points.

The present solution is in the best interests of both partners. It will enable Swissport to further consolidate its position as a provider of top-quality ground handling services; and it will allow SWISS to obtain its ground handling services at advantageous rates.

The issue of air travel concessions for Swissport personnel remains on the agenda. The next round of negotiations on this issue has been scheduled for the beginning of September.

Further details of the new Swissport Switzerland organisation and Swissport's future collaboration with SWISS will be provided as soon as possible by the superiors concerned.