Changes for Swissport Europe and Middle East

Nominations and appointments have been announced for key positions in Turkey, Germany and UK. NFS and Swissport are terminating their cooperation in Saudia Arabia by end of January 2003.

New General Manager for Havas in Turkey

Having served for several successful years, Mr. Hans-Ruedi Moser has left Havas to assume new duties within Swissport Germany. In view of this, and with the aim of continuing to develop and enhance Havas' business activities, the Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Cüneyd Sen as new General Manager for the entire Havas operation in Turkey. Mr. Sen, who has held various key positions in the aviation industry since 1992, will continue to consolidate Havas/Swissport's position as Turkey's leading ground handler. Further appointments in the company's Operations, Finance and Marketing will be announced in due time. Swissport's share-holding situation and participation in Havas will continue.

New appointments at Swissport Germany

A new management team assumed responsibility for Swissport Germany, and with it one of the group's key European markets, on January 1. Mr. Hans-Ruedi Moser, former GM of Havas in Turkey has been appointed General Manager Passenger/Ramp Handling, - and at the same time he leads ad interim the Headquarters organisation based in Dusseldorf - while overall charge of Swissport Germany's cargo activities will rest with Mr. Heath White, formerly of CSC. Swissport is currently assessing various candidates for the position of a CEO, who will then have the entire responsibility for all activities and business lines in Germany.

Change at the top for Swissport UK in London

Last but not least, Swissport is pleased to announce that Mr. Paul Arnold, former Country Head of CSC, has been designated CEO of Swissport UK with overall responsibility for both cargo and passenger handling throughout the country, effective June 1st 2003. Swissport is delighted to have secured the services of such a ground handling and cargo specialist. Mr. Mike Maguire, who has made a sizable contribution to the success of the Heathrow unit (especially by turning the former Aer Lingus operation into an even more efficient Swissport entity), will take over some new assignments within Swissport International.

Other important news to know

Effective February 1st, 2003 - NFS and Swissport are going separate ways

In April 2000 Swissport International and the Saudi-based Makshaff Services have agreed on a close level of cooperation. National Flight Service (NFS) represented at 3 Stations in Saudia Arabia did enter into a Management Agreement with Swissport to jointly explore further business opportunities. The two boards of directors have recently decided not to prolong this kind of cooperation and to terminate the existing agreement (in good faith) by the end of January 2003.

Mr. Claude Badan, currently the General Manager and representative of Swissport, will stay for 2 more months in Saudia Arabia in order to cover the Hajj period and to make sure that a smooth "handover" can take place. For the time being all contractual conditions and obligations remain in place until termination of the contract. Swissport and NFS have enjoyed a respectful and successful working-relationship over the last 3 years and were able to mutually improve several key performance parameters such as quality, cost-savings and processes.