DynAir adopts Swissport identity

Effective August 3, 2000, all business units of the DynAir Group operating across the United States will adopt the Swissport identity. The name change comes 12 months, almost to the day, after the world’s number-one ground handler acquired the group.

Zürich-Airport and Washington, D.C., July 31, 2000 – The DynAir Group, a leading independent ground handling services provider with an extensive presence at major US hubs, was acquired by Swissport International Ltd. in July 1999. With this acquisition and subsequent mergers, Swissport advanced to become the world’s largest ground handler both in terms of stations served and revenues generated.

The boards of DynAir and Swissport recently agreed to rename all DynAir operations effective August 3, 2000, to reflect this year-old change of ownership. Swissport’s President and CEO Joseph In Albon: "We are pursuing a global branding strategy because we want to emphasize the fact that Swissport offers its customers a unified service quality standard around the world. This is an important portfolio-building factor, and greater visibility for the Swissport name underscores our pledge to offer superior service.”

DynAir, which had already introduced Total Quality Management in the late 1980s, was a perfect match for Swissport, and accordingly, the corporate cultures of both companies dovetailed smoothly as well. Erich Bodenmann, who was recently appointed CEO of Swissport’s operations in the USA, said: "DynAir has always had a passion for change based on innovation, so the name change comes naturally. It expresses the fact that we embrace Swissport’s commitment to excellence and at the same time, the new identity instills a sense of pride: we are now visibly a key part of the top industry player’s global network.”

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