Ground Handling Company of the Year 2003

For the third successive year, Swissport has been selected with this prestigious award by the Institute of Transport Management (ITM). This nomination is the result of an extensive research and selection process throughout the Transport and Aviation industry.



Award Notification


To: Stephan Beerli- Marketing and Sales Director
From: Awards Committee
Issue Date: 21/01/2003
Award Title: Global Ground Handling Company Award 2003
ITM Liaison: Patrick Sheedy-Media & PR Director, Institute of Transport Management


Subsequent to an extensive research and selection process, the awards committee at the Institute of Transport Management has decided to present Swissport with the "Global Ground Handling Company 2003 accreditation. This is the third successive year that Swissport have achieved this highest of honours from the ITM, and is a true testament to the outstanding company that is Swissport.

The ever-increasingly popular ITM Awards Programme took place once again, and entailed the canvassing of its members in the Aviation sector. The programme was piloted in 1995 and was designed to recognise advances within the Global Aviation sector over the previous 12 months. The decision to present Swissport  with this coveted accreditation is the result of research which included the polling of Institute members and Aviation specialists and is a true reflection of the high esteem the company enjoys within the industry.

The Management of the companies interviewed stressed, Customer Service, Marketing Policies, Project Management and Investment as their premier concerns when assessing the nominees’ offerings. Swissport scored brilliantly in each area, in addition to special mentions being given to the outstanding Customer Service provided by the staff, and the excellent reputation brought to the table by the very capable management structure within the company. The vast experience the company has, along with its intention to continually develop its operations throughout the world speaks volumes for the direction of the company and its management. The awards committee was convinced of Swissport  being the correct choice for this prestigious award.

Announcing the award, Patrick Sheedy, Media & PR Director of the ITM and Chairman of its Aviation Committee said: "Swissport faced extremely strong competition from other Ground Handling providers, and we feel that this accreditation is one that will contribute to the final decision in Ground Handling selection for many Airlines/Airports. The true experts are the managers who do a day-to-day job that requires a level of knowledge that can only be gleaned from years of experience. We appreciate the contribution that our Aviation manager members have made to the Awards Programme and endorse their selection of Swissport for this prestigious accolade.”