GroundSpeed - savings for you


Almost a year ago, Swissport began one of the most important modules within its added value program PLUS10 – GroundSpeed.

GroundSpeed is based solely on making an extra effort to reduce departure delays after the late arrival of an aircraft. The benefits for its customers are obvious: fewer delays, fewer missed connections, lower costs, not least of all, improved passenger perception.

In total, Swissport saved 7923 hours for all its customers in the first six months of the year. This compares with 5755 hours saved between May-December 2000. Assuming that one hour delay is equivalent to USD 1000 - and this is a conservative estimate – this means that Swissport has prevented this year an aggregate loss of USD 8‘715‘000.

Since the start of GroundSpeed in May 2000 Swissport has saved more than 13‘000 hours or USD 15‘000‘000 for its customer airlines.

Swissport remains committed to addressing its customer needs as extensively as possible and is therefore very pleased to have been able to make a positive contribution to the bottom line and the reputation of each customer airline.

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