Opening in Jeddah and getting into e-business

Dubai, May 8, 2000 – Expanding its business in Saudi Arabia and through the entire Middle East is merely one hallmark of Swissport International Limited’s global strategy. The cooperation with Makshaff Services Ltd. (Saudi Arabia) closed another hole in Swissport’s increasingly expansive geographic portfolio. And to ensure that Swissport is available at any and all hours, the company is launching EASYcontact, an attractive e-business tool.

Swissport International Ltd. and the Saudi-based Makshaff Services Ltd. have agreed on a close level of cooperation. Effective immediately, Makshaff’s subsidiary National Flight Service (NFS), a ground handling company active at Jeddah Airport, is now included in Swissport’s worldwide ground handling network. The new General Manager of NFS, Werner Krummenacher, is the former Swissair District Manager in Greece.

NFS, which was founded three years ago, wants to accelerate its engagement in the global ground handling business. This was the reason they chose to work together with Swissport. Another factor in the choice of Swissport was the company’s high quality and successful expansion strategy. Today, NFS counts among its customers such renowned airlines as Singapore Airlines and KLM. Promising discussions are currently underway with other potential airlines. NFS offers customers full ground handling services and achieved operating revenue in 1999 of some 4 million Saudi rials. NFS employs 200 staff. NFS represents Swissports station/location number 115.

Werner Krummenacher of NFS Jeddah can be reached as follows:

Phone: +966 2 685 0554, fax +966 2 685 3118, mobile +966 55 355 016

Get immediate quotes with EASYcontact

Always a trend-setter, Swissport is now active in e-business. Beginning

June 1st, 2000 Swissport will become the first ground handling provider in the world to have a semi-automatic request-for-proposal quoting system available via Internet. The initial release will allow airlines to request their desired service needs easily and simply via the Swissport Web site. Other developments and simplifications will be added on a continuous basis. A short time after the customer makes an inquiry, they then receive a price proposal via e-mail.

Swissport realises that time is everything and wants to create a function that will allow global contact on a 24-hour basis. The EASYcontact system will make it even simpler for customers to get what they want. For more information on EASYcontact and all of Swissport’s services, see the company’s Web site at

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"Swissport aims to be the world’s number one in terms of service quality and customer dedication.” This goal was voiced by Swissport International President and CEO Joseph In Albon. The target is supported by the recent inaugurations of Swissport stations in Spain and Greece, and ongoing negotiations in Latin America (Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Honduras), Europe (Italy, Portugal and Austria), Africa (Tanzania) and in central Asia.

More information on Swissport and the global Swissport network can be had at the IGHC in Dubai. Visit our stand or get in touch with the contact below.

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