"PORTaudit" - the brand new Swissport product approach and answer to combine quality and lower cost.

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Zürich/Las Vegas, June 3rd, 2002 – Hardly a day goes by when the ground handling sector isn’t asked to do the impossible: provide the same reliable quality product, but preferably do so at a lower cost. Swissport has an attractive solution to offer.

The players in the air transport sector are many and varied, but they all face the same challenge: that of maintaining quality while cutting their costs. Swissport’s brand new response is a fresh, bold concept that should meet both these demanding objectives.

At Swissport, the management is convinced about the idea to be able to come to a cost-effective pricing that really provides a win-win-solution for everyone involved. But how can it be done?

It certainly means to raise questions such as,



  • Are we better off with a specialist? "make-or-buy-decision"

  • Are we sure to have the right number of suppliers? "procurement strategy"

  • Are we interested in enhancing synergies? "more vertically integrated service chain with one-stop-shopping"



Swissport is anticipating the current tensions in the industry by addressing all of those issues. These questions will be answered during the PORTaudit process between professional Swissport operation consulting specialists and the Airlines.

This free of charge consulting-service will be offered on a first-come-first serve basis to the most loyal Swissport customers and all other airlines interested in doing an effort to further exploit savings and synergy potentials. More details are available at the Swissport booth 18/19 or can be obtained here or on portaudit@swissport.com