Powerful start into a new millenium: Openings in Detroit, Atlanta, Vienna, Heraklion and Seoul

By following the same successful strategy, Swissport is expanding further into the European, Asian and U.S. market. Swissport North America commenced ground handling services for Delta Airlines in Detroit on January 15, 2001. The new business unit is providing ramp, cabin cleaning, GSE maintenance and janitorial services. Passenger services will be provided by mid March 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia.

With pleasure, Swissport can also announce the firm opening of its location Vienna by the end of March. Swissport Austria will be able to offer all services related to passenger-side-activities. Thanks to a memorandum of understanding with ‘Airport Vienna’, ramp services will be provided as well. The 2 launching customers of our operation will be Swissair and Sabena.

The second opening in Greece will take place March 25, in Heraklion. Swissport Hellas will provide the whole range of handling services and for all types of aircrafts.

Opening of Swissport Korea in Seoul is postponed until summer 2001. "You will never have a second chance to make a first impression" was the answer of Swissport's CEO Mr. Joseph In Albon when he was asked to explain, why Swissport is not (yet) physically present for the official opening and inauguration end of March.

"We want to offer our customers the best possible quality, equipment and well experienced staff with outstanding ground handling skills, what we will have available only by summer 2001."

Contact for Detroit/Atlanta

Swissport North America

Mr. Tony Ivey

Senior Vice President

Marketing & Business Development

Tel: +1 703 742 43 46

E-Mail: iveyt@swissport-usa.com

Contact in Vienna:

Swissport Austria

Mrs. Renate Adelmann

General Manager

Tel: +43 1 7007 35505

E-Mail: radelman@sairgroup.com


Contact for Heraklion:

Swissport Hellas

Mr Simon Lehmann

General Manager

Tel: +30 10 3370 610

E-Mail: slehmann@sairgroup.com

Contact for Seoul:

Swissport International Ltd

Mr Stephan Beerli

Executive Vice President

Marketing & Sales

Tel: +41 1 812 49 50

E-Mail: stephan.beerli@swissport.com