Swissport still striving towards getting back its business in the Ukraine by legitimate means

The court appeal hearing at the Highest Economic Court in Kiev, Ukraine that was scheduled for today was postponed and will only take place in two weeks. Swissport had appealed to the Highest Economic Court mid of April after having lost its business in the Ukraine to UIA (Ukrainian International Airlines) with a court decision on March 27th. Since the loss of ownership of Swissport Ukraine, Swissport International put great efforts into publicising details of the case which was based on alleged violations of shareholder formalities. Swissport never violated any of these formalities and always respected all rights of the minority shareholder.

Swissport International is very much looking forward to the proceedings and stays optimistic, especially with the re-established Anti-Raider-Commission of the Ukraine under the leadership of Mr. Serhiy Arbuzov now being in place, who stated that the “Cabinet of Ministers has designated raidership as a strategic problem that must be eliminated as soon as possible” (source: Kyiv Post, June 14th 2013).

Ukraine must become a country where investment hopes are realized, and one in which property rights are protected by the state. The court appeal hearing today has been postponed on request by Swissport due to UIA having handed in a motion for additional documents just before the court hearing. With the postponement Swissport now has the chance to review the additional new documents to be prepared for the new court appeal hearing.

Swissport is setting quite some hope into the court appeal hearing to be compliant with Ukrainian law now. And Swissport appreciates the on-going support and active involvement of the Ukrainian government as well as the Swiss and French Embassies in the Ukraine. Should the court decide in favour of Swissport International, the company would be very much looking forward to re-enter the Ukrainian market.

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