Swissport Switzerland likely to cut some 350 positions in response to SWISS's downsizing of its aircraft fleet

Zürich-Airport, June 24, 2003 - Swissport will be forced to eliminate around 350 positions in Switzerland in the wake of the initial scenarios and planned fleet reductions announced on Tuesday by SWISS. The resizing of the company's activities and associated redundancies will be effected in accordance with the severance benefit provisions enshrined in the corresponding Collective Working Agreement.

SWISS's decision to downsize its aircraft fleet will have major repercussions for Swissport, too. The company expects to have to eliminate a total of some 350 positions at its Zurich, Basel and Geneva operating bases. Full details of the extent of these measures and the areas they will primarily affect will not be available until the new flight schedules and product specifications are confirmed. Definite decisions and precise figures are thus not expected until the beginning of July. Swissport is also likely to have to eliminate up to 100 positions at its stations outside Switzerland in view of these developments.

Swissport regrets having to take such actions, and will be doing its utmost to ensure that the inevitable redundancies are effected as carefully and considerately as possible and in close collaboration with the company's union partners. A severance benefits package is already in place. Needless to say, all alternative working models and options such as early retirements, part-time solutions and short-time working will also be considered wherever possible.

Swissport predicts that the planned downsizing of SWISS will reduce its total revenues by some CHF 60 million a year (CHF 50 million in Switzerland and CHF 10 million elsewhere). SWISS accounts for 50 per cent of Swissport's total revenue in Switzerland and 20 per cent of its total revenue worldwide. Swissport is the world leader in the airport ground handling field. The company's workforce of some 3 000 employees at Zurich, Basel and Geneva airports provides ground services for 80 airline customers. The Swissport group serves over 650 customers at 155 airports around the world, and 60 million passengers a year benefit from the services offered by its 18 000 personnel.


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