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Award Notification

It is my honour to advise you that following a rigorous research and selection process, the awards committee at the Institute of Transport Management has decided to accredit Swissport with it's "Global Ground Handling Company of the Year 2001" award in recognition of it's exemplary role as a first class provider of ground handling services worldwide.

The decision to present Swissport with the 'Global Ground Handling Company of the Year 2001' accreditation is the result of research conducted during the past 2 years on behalf of the ITM's Air Transport Committee.

Announcing the Award, Kieran Ring, Executive Director of the ITM and Chairman of its Air Transport Committee, said "With over 40 years experience in the industry, Swissport is renowned as a leading provider of ground handling services to the air transport industy. The company operates at over 125 airports in 25 countries and places high standards of excellence on all aspects of it's operations in order to achieve worldwide consistency".

"The ITM are impressed by the importance Swissport places on quality through it's ongoing ISO 9002 certification and Total Quality Management which result in the seamless integration evident in it's operations across the globe. Following the acquisition of DynAir in the US, Swissport advanced to become the world's largest ground handler and DynAir's subsequent name change to Swissport stresses the importance placed on global branding and uniform quality of service worldwide. The acquistion of a significant holding in Miascor Ground Handling of the Philippines extends Swissport's activities to the Asia-Pacific region and demonstrates their dedication to giving their customers a truly global offering.

The latest customer services programme from Swissport, Programme Plus 10, has differentiated the company from it's competitors and was an important factor in the ITM's decision in the awarding of the "Global Ground Handling Company of the Year 2001" accrediation. The programme adds value to the overall service provided by Swissport and keeps it ahead of the competition in this highly competitive industry by offering 10 additional values at no additional costs.

The ITM Awards Committee also acknowledges Swissport's continuing innovations and use of new media to grow their businness. Swissport now has the first and only state of the art automatic proposal platform, EASYcontact, which is the first component of an e-business system designed to expedite contact management and significantly enhance customer relations with a semi-automatic quoting system. The innovative portal allows passengers to access status information on their baggage and can be set up as a link to customers websites, which adds extra value for them.

The final commendation for Swissport is the strategic thinking the company displays in it's diversification exemplefied by their willingness to broaden their horizons by expanding into areas such as security, fuelling and automated systems. In summation the Awards Committee states "In every aspect of their operations Swissport demonstrate continued commitment to delivering ever improving levels of customer satisfaction through their innovative thinking. We are delighted to be presenting this award to a company which strives for excellence in everything they do".

Bridget Moncrieff, BA. Msc., (Transport Planning & Management)
Administrator on behalf of the Awards Committee 2001


Announcing the award, Kieran Ring, Executive Director of the ITM and Chairman of its Air Transport Committee stated that ITM is impressed with the quality, the global network and especially the innovative PLUS10 programme, our internet request for proposal tool "EasyContact" and the latest innovation with

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Swissport is very delighted about this award which underlines the right direction of our quality and differentiation strategy. More information will follow soon in the Swissreporter magazine as well as on internet (

Please be assured that we will continue to offer a high quality product. At this stage we would like to thank you for your loyalty and would of course be very pleased to grow our business relation and exploit business opportunities at additional locations.