Greek International Airports 

Executive Aviation Services
Service Provider: Swissport Hellas Sud S.A.

Industrial Area of Heraklion

GR 71601 Heraklion-Creete

Local Time: 08:16 (June 24, 2017)

International Greek Airports

Aktio/Preveza (PVK) pvk.station@swissport.gr

Araxos (GPA) gpa.station@swissport.gr

Chania (CHQ) chq.station@swissport.gr

Chios (JKH) jkh.station@swissport.gr

Iraklio (HER) her.station@swissport.gr

Kalamata (KLX) klx.station@swissport.gr

Karpathos (AOK) aok.station@swissport.gr

Kavala (KVA) kva.station@swissport.gr

Kefalonia (EFL) efl.station@swissport.gr

Kerkira (CFU) cfu.station@swissport.gr

Kos (KGS) kgs.station@swissport.gr

Limnos (LXS) lxs.station@swissport.gr

Mykonos (JMK) jmk.station@swissport.gr

Mytilini (MJT) mjt.station@swissport.gr

Rodos (RHO) rho.station@swissport.gr

Samos (SMI) smi.station@swissport.gr

Santorini (JTR) jtr.station@swissport.gr

Skiathos (JSI) jsi.station@swissport.gr

Anhialos/Volos (VOL) vol.station@swissport.gr

Zakynthos (ZTH) zth.station@swissport.gr

Facts & Figures:

Number of handled pax p.a.:   2013: Pax Traffic 13.909.276
2014: Pax Traffic 16.347.729
2015: Pax Traffic 16.704.280
Number of handled A/C p.a.:   2013: 107502 a/c mvts
2014: 128400 a/c mvts
2015: 130640 a/c mvts
ISO 9001 certification:   ISO 9001 Certified
OHSAS 18001 certified
ISO 14001 certified
ISAGO certified CHQ/HER

Our customer airlines

  • AeroServices
  • Albinati
  • Alpha Air
  • AOPA Hellas
  • AOPA International
  • Augsburg Airways
  • Aviostart AS
  • Bee-jet
  • Dubai Air Wings
  • Elitavia
  • Heli Alpha
  • Hellenic Air Force
  • Perfect Aviation
  • PrivatAir
  • Qatar Executive
  • Royal Danish Air Force
  • Skyplan
  • Slovak Government Flying Service
  • Swiss Air Force
  • Wings24