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Effective January 1st, 2005 Swissport UK will offer the full range of fuelling activities at the brand new Newcastle Aiport fuelling facility. [more]


Swissport UK Ltd. at London Heathrow will stop their operations on November 16th, 0500 GMT. No other Swissport stations (in the UK and all over the globe) will be effected due to this decision.[more]


Swissport and ICTS International unveil a new and more efficient airport security system, which will reduce waiting times at check-in and for document control. Pilot trials will commence in December 2004.[more]


Swissport Cargo Services has developed a new forward-looking cargo tracking and tracing system that uses the latest internet technology. This new industry tool is set to be rolled out from September 15th onwards.[more]


In view of its continuing international expansion, the Board of Directors has decided to strengthen the financial management with a new Group Chief Financial Officer effective September 1st.[more]


Swissport is acquiring those two major activities from SR Technics at Zurich and Geneva Airport in order to optimise the whole ground-handling product range and its procedures. The operational hand over is planed of October 1st, 2004[more]


Under the name of Swissport Cargo Services Israel, and together with 5 reputed investors, new freight handling facilities will be established in Tel Aviv with the intention to start operations by 2007.[more]


The Swissport ULD company Unitpool (cargo container management) is realizing significant growth in its customer portfolio. World Airways and United Arab Emirates have signed long-term agreements.[more]


Swissport will extend its ground handling operations to Singapore Changi Airport in 2005 and is happy about this important tender-success to gain a key foothold in Asia.[more]


Swissport is now also providing into-plane services at Islip (New York) and will strengthen its efforts in the fueling business.[more]