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Los sindicatos CC.OO., UGT y USO han ratificado su inflexibilidad y escasa voluntad negociadora al romper en la madrugada de hoy las conversaciones destinadas a poner fin a la huelga de handling iniciada el pasado 25 de junio. Con el fracaso de las conversaciones para buscar un nuevo marco laboral para los 3.000 empleados españoles de Swissport, los sindicatos vuelven a tomar a los pasajeros de las aerolíneas que usan nuestros servicios como ‘rehenes’ de sus exigencias. La empresa, que acudió a las conversaciones dando pasos para facilitar un acuerdo, deplora esta decisión y lamenta que los sindicalistas antepongan sus propios intereses a los de los trabajadores que representan. [more]


CCOO, UGT and USO proved their inflexibility and unwillingness to negotiate as they broke talks early today that were aimed at ending the strike that was initiated on 25th June. With the failure of the mediation to seek a new employment framework for the 3,000 Spanish employees of Swissport, the unions have returned to taking airline passengers that rely on our services as 'hostages' for their demands. Swissport, which went to the talks taking steps to facilitate an agreement, condemns this decision and regrets that union representatives insist on putting their own interests before those of the workers they represent.[more]


Swissport, the largest independent operator of ground services to the aviation industry, regrets the industrial action called for by the trade unions CC.OO, UGT and USO at various Spanish airports, which it considers to be the result of the unions preferring pressure to consensus. After hours of negotiations until late on the Thursday, 27th June, with an agreement imminent, one union representative decided to disrupt proceedings. This positioning indicates not only a refusal to seek an agreement but also with timing during the peak season of the year showing utter disregard for travellers who use Spanish airports and generate income for the Spanish economy.[more]


Swissport International Ltd., the world’s leading provider of ground and cargo services to the aviation sector, was awarded “Air Cargo Handling Agent of the Year 2013” by the distinguished and esteemed ACW World Air Cargo Awards. Readers of “Air Cargo Week” have granted the top spot in this ranking for the fifth year in a row to Swissport International. [more]


The court appeal hearing at the Highest Economic Court in Kiev, Ukraine that was scheduled for today was postponed and will only take place in two weeks. Swissport had appealed to the Highest Economic Court mid of April after having lost its business in the Ukraine to UIA (Ukrainian International Airlines) with a court decision on March 27th.[more]


Following a binding court decision on 27th March in Kiev, Ukraine, Swissport International Ltd. (Swissport) has lost ownership and control of its affiliate Swissport Ukraine with immediate effect. Swissport has appealed to the Highest Economic Court in the Ukraine against the decision. Swissport very much appreciates the support and active involvement of the Ukrainian government, the First Vice Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Serhiy Arbuzov, who has recently been nominated as the new Head of the Ukrainian Anti-Raiding Committee, as well as the Swiss and French Embassies in the Ukraine.[more]


Signing of contract paves the way for Swissport’s market entry in the Russian Federation[more]


Swissport International Ltd., the leading provider of ground services to the aviation industry, today announced that John Batten, Executive Vice President Cargo Services and member of the Group Executive Management of Swissport International, will step down from his position effective 31st August 2013 to pursue new opportunities.[more]


Swissport International Ltd, the world’s leading provider of ground and cargo services to the aviation sector, has won the Ground Handling category of the Cargo Airline of the Year Awards 2013, the first time that these prestigious awards have included a Ground Handling category. The award from Air Cargo Media Group, publisher of the highly respected newspaper Air Cargo News, follows a rigorous judging process by a panel of independent experts that analysed Swissport’s global performance, quality standards, and initiatives to improve its services to customers.[more]


Swissport International Ltd., the world’s leading provider of ground services to the aviation industry, has appointed Henrik Holming Werner as the new General Manager for Swissport Cargo Services in Denmark. He assumed his duties on 8th April, bringing 30 years of managerial, operational and sales experience to the role, much of which was gained within the transport and logistics sectors. [more]