Regional News


Employees from Swissport Western Europe supported the West Midlands Ambulance Service, providing technical support to maintain and upkeep NHS ambulances during the Coronavirus lockdown. [more]


Swissport has agreed to a comprehensive restructuring with creditors and shareholders including a debt-for-equity swap and a new 500 million euros long-term debt facility. The restructuring will deliver a significant deleveraging for the company. Swissport has also finalized the 300 million euros additional interim facility.[more]


Im November 2020 nimmt Swissport am deutschen Flughafen Frankfurt am Main eine neue Luftfrachthalle in Betrieb. Das Unternehmen setzt auf modernste Technologie. Im Innern der Halle sorgt ein automatisiertes System für einen effizienten Warenumschlag. Bei der Zufahrtssteuerung der LKWs setzt Swissport mit FAIR@Link auf digitalisierte Prozesse.[more]


King Philippe of Belgium visited Swissport’s cargo operations at Liège airport today. The airport was recently awarded the status of a UN global logistics hub for the transport of medical and humanitarian material in the fight against COVID-19. Swissport plays a key role in ensuring that vital goods reach their destination on time.[more]


Liam McElroy has been appointed Head of Swissport’s Western Europe region, comprising the UK and Ireland. He succeeds Jason Holt and assumes his new role today, 1 July 2020.[more]


Henning Dieter has been appointed Head of Swissport Cargo Services Germany & Austria and will assume his position on 1 September 2020. He succeeds Dirk Schmitt, who left the company after almost five years at the helm of Swissport Cargo in Germany and Austria.[more]


Swissport has appointed David Konradi as Head of Swissport Losch, a joint-venture operation providing ground services at Munich airport. He will succeed Corinna Bachmann, who has decided to leave the company. David Konradi will assume his role on 1 May 2020.[more]