Montreal - Dorval 

Fuelling Services
Service Provider: Swissport Canada fuel Services Inc.
Address: 780 Stuart Graham

Dorval, Quebec

H4Y 1G2
Local Time: 21:38 (March 18, 2018)

Facts & Figures:

Operating since:   July 1, 2015
Number of employees:   78 employees that includes Refueller, Mechanics, Dispatchers for YUL


General Manager:
Name:  Miran  Pristovnik
Phone:  +1 514-636-2117
Mobile:  +1 514-631-8148
E-mail: miran.pristovnik@swissport.com
Operations Manager:
Name:  Roger  Lamoureux
Phone:  514-636-1172
Mobile:  514-609-6402
Training Manager:
Name:  Nick  Vernucci
Phone:  514-636-1172
Mobile:  514-602-0055
G.S.E. Manager:
Name:  Marc  Genereux
Phone:  514-636-1172
Mobile:  514-609-6437
Office Manager Liege:
Name:  Najiba  Amiri
Phone:  514-636-1172
Mobile:  514-449-5164

Our services (Fuelling Services)

  • Maintenance and Operation of Fuel Storage On/Off Airport
  • Into-plane Fuelling Tanker; Mobile Hydrants Trucks, Hydrant Carts
  • 3rd Party Ground Equipment Maintenance
  • Ground Equipment Fueling for Airline Equipment

For information about our services please contact:

Miran Pristovnik
Phone: +1 514-636-2117
Mobile: +1 514-631-8148