Air Cargo Handling

Our air cargo business accounts for approximately 20 percent of our revenue. We handle everything from general cargo to specialist shipments like high-value or temperaturesensitive products. Swissport keeps adding facilities, where it sees opportunities for profitable growth. Major expansion projects are currently underway in
Frankfurt and Brussels. In 2016, we opened a new warehouse in Ghana, followed in 2017 by a cargo facility at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Some 4.8 million tons of air cargo passed through Swissport’s 122 warehouses in 2018. Seven facilities are CEIV Pharma-certified by IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators. The year 2018 saw Basel,
Switzerland and Montreal, Canada join our pharma network.

Services Overview

  • Freight Handling
  • Forwarder Handling
  • Special Cargo Services
  • Temperature-controlled Handling
  • Express Services
  • Road Feeder Service
  • Hub Handling


By leveraging our Global Account Management Team and sharing our knowledge and expertise, we are able to support growth for all Swissport Cargo customers.