Background Information


With daily monitoring of the key drivers of the business and tracking of the shipments in line with Cargo iQ standards, we have a transparent overview of our services that ensures service quality and enforces operational excellence. Implementation of hand-held terminals reduces human error and ensures an efficient operation, which allows customers to also benefit from reduced handling and cost. Daily follow-ups on hours worked, volumes handled, door waiting times and many other measures ensure a scorecard approach to the daily activity to further support the Cargo operations and help deliver efficient operations.

Swissport will continue to improve technology and interfaces for its customers and has many new and exciting advancements in production to minimise cost and improve operational readiness.

We are also committed to improving the look and feel of our facilities as well as grow and develop new operations worldwide.

Some benefits of this approach to innovation include:

Cargospot: The system used to manage our Cargo business, interfacing with any airline system.

Freightfinder: Using the latest technology, Freightfinder allows you to track and trace your freight in any of our warehouses worldwide.

Hand-Held Terminals: Swissport’s customers benefit from real-time status updates so shipments can be tracked and traced in our warehouses.

SHIELD Document Imaging System: Capturing the entire flight pouch digitally solves the problem of missing documents.